WISHES IS IN THE DECEMBER I SMELL BOOKS BOX | AVAILABLE HERE The Heartbooks series of vintage-inspired, modern fairytales begins with a winter royal romance in Wishes, a heartfelt and lush Cinderella story. With swoony dialogue and poignant moments, the story takes you to the quaint and nostalgic European-styled town of Loirehall, through the elegant palace and grand ballroom in Château Fleur, and dwells deep on themes of grief and loss, faith and hope, and most of all true love.

Hearts: A Heartbooks Novel

Vintage and romantic, HEARTS is a retelling of the classics Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and Sleeping Beauty where Alice, Wendy and Aurora are the same girl—a secretive pencil artist with a dynastic feud destined to end on her cursed birthday. If you’re looking for dreamlike romance, poetic prose, and a Jane Austen-esque tribute to tea parties and true love, then this book is for you—releasing Spring 2023! This is a standalone book in the Heartbooks series of companion novels.

Fantasea Anthology

My short story, Candles in the Dark, features smugglers and forbidden love, tea and a lighthouse. Pinterest and playlist here! The anthology releases August 8, 2022, and you can preorder the kindle edition here or paperback here! Fantasea: A Young Adult Fantasy Anthology Adventure above and below the waves Join this collection of bestselling, award-winning authors as they dive into the waters of adventure, science fiction, fantasy, and romance. Brittany Eden | Candles in the Dark

The Never Tales duology

Is it flying, or are you falling? I’m thrilled to officially announce that my poem will be part of The Never Tales duology published by Twenty Hills Publishing and that the first book will be released August 9! Kindle edition here! Paperback here! My poem will have two parts and is a rooftop romance, a dance, a swoony-sweet, song-like duet between Peter and Wendy. Pinterest and [playlist]() here! I’m so excited about this collection of poems and short stories, each with their own unique twist on Peter Pan lore, which is absolutely classic!

Fool's Honor Anthology

My poem, Overthrown, is in the Fool’s Honor Anthology, and this free verse poem is a reflection on how foolish we are, in love. As always, here are links to my pinterest and playlist for this poem. Purchase on Amazon or from the Twenty Hills shop. The hardcover copy is also available on Amazon too, and it’s absolutely gorgeous! Fool’s Honor: An Anthology TELL NO LIES Tricks, twists, and fools! This collection of short stories and poems showcases trickster characters straddling the lines between good and evil.

Equinox & Solstice

My flash fiction, Seasons, is one of the SnowRidge Anthology Winners! This story is short, a little swoony, possibly sad and all-over sweet. It is a work of love that’s fantastical and romantic and poignant and very close to my heart. Pinterest and playlist here! Releasing December 2022! Amazon link here!

Masquerade Anthology

My poem, Masks, will be in the Masquerade Anthology! Check out my pinterest and playlist for this poem that explores our true faces, unveiled. Purchase the paperback here or the ebook here!

The Heights We'll Fly To Anthology

I have two poems in this anthology! Soaring is a celebration of love and the sky, and here’s the playlist and pinterest. And Planes, a tribute to William Wordsworth’s I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud, with playlist and pinterest here. Releasing June 14, purchase on amazon.com! The Heights We’ll Fly To A ship that rides the wind, a girl who can’t stay on the ground, a battle to regain flight, and an unexpected visit from the gods of the sky.

The Circus Diary

The Greatest Showman meets The Princess Diaries in this intimate diary recounting of first love during the summer of a girl’s sixteenth birthday at the Circus in Denmark. Sweetened with forbidden summer romance, The Circus Diary is a coming-of-age tale where the magic of first love collides with the brokenness of homeschooling, divorce, and prejudice in the unexpected world of a travelling Circus. Read free by subscribing to my email newsletter, or free on the Radish app or free on Wattpad.