Once upon a time, a girl read a story about a princess who met her prince and lived happily ever after.

I am that girl. I have dreamed myself into every fairytale.

I am a Christian, saved by the love of Jesus that God has graciously made available to all. I believe He is the greatest storyteller, the savior of the world, the true Prince. If ever we find ourselves asking for the reason why we keep reading and retelling stories about a knight in shining armor coming to rescue his bride and restore the kingdom, HE IS IT.

I have had my own happy ending, and it’s miraculous because in this big world full of heartache, we have a very small corner of peace. My handsome prince is my husband and we rule a small townhouse kingdom where our two little boys run wild around their baby sister, making us laugh at our inability to keep up our parenting skills with the speed of their growth.

Brittany is a wife and mother of three who loves books, writing, choral music, swing dancing with her husband, and makeup. She is passionate about politics. After studying the subject at university in Ireland, she worked in Ireland and Canada for government and on local, provincial, and federal election campaigns. She believes that our desire for Happily Ever After is something to be cherished, because Jesus is the true knight coming for us on a white horse.