June 2021

We are characters in a great story. The unfolding story.

Oh yes, it is finished. The ending is plotted, the stakes could not be higher, the victory swifter, the judgement fairer.

But now, we must act our parts. We must speak our lines and turn our pages. We must overcome the odds and have faith in the author. The Great Author. Faith that every pain will have payoff, every trial turn to triumph.

Faith that every broken thing will be repaired and every old, forgotten hope restored.

We must keep reading, keep stepping forward into new chapters.

Every word, every break and pause and breath.

Every sentence, every loose end or knot of confusion. It will clear, at the end. In an outcome so grand, so joyous, so unimaginably perfect, we will but cry for the bittersweet, until even those tears fade in light of this perfect story.

The unfolding, perfect story.