The Path,

It beckons.

It whispers to one who listens. It shines for those who look.

It calls to the one who passes by. If you’re brave, you can hear it.

The melody of freedom.

The sound is far away, but the gate is close, and closed.

Will you open it?

What way will you choose?

How hard it is to remain in the moment when it feels different than we planned.

How difficult it is to be thankful when life meets time, and time decides to satisfy the hope and the fear all at once.

Summer sun and late starlight, walks and the need for living water. The search for inspiration is exciting and exhausting and now that we’ve reached the height of it, it’s hard not to look forward to a new season.

But the walks. Walking here is walking home, that’s what I heard a voice say, a long time ago. We’re all going somewhere and all we’ve worked for on this walk can be lost. We can get lost and stop listening. Or we can keep searching.

And walking can be an adventure. You can wander. You can pour every pore of your being into love and people will know your heart by the path you take. It starts in your head, moves through your heart, and what you end up with are feet that take you on an adventure where you confront the evil in the world and conquer it. Love stirs your soul enough to spur you into action in this once upon a lifetime moment you’ll never get back. Right now. Right here. For good or ill your feet betray you. They speak of what you believe, and they reveal who you follow.

Because we don’t travel alone. There are other sojourners in this magical realm we call home. There are other villains and royalty that need to be rescued. And we must try to rescue both. Because once you find the characters in your story, you can choose compassion. If you’ve ever felt the gentle hand of mercy temper the justice you’ve deserved, you might choose grace.

There are choices all around. Choices and trees and shadows and sunlight and starlight peeking through the leaves. There is always light. Keep looking for it.

The shadow proves the light.

Go out into the world, walking in what you know, walking in truth and power. Walking without fear, because the signposts will find you. You’ll look for them and wait and wonder where they are and just when you find the crossroads, there they’ll be. The secret only you might notice, pointing the way for your next steps. Wandering through the enchanted forest as one who is chosen, choosing to follow your destiny and leave behind a trail of unmissable beauty.

Now that you’re at the crossroads, what way will you choose?

Will you follow the light?

The sound is not as far away as it seems, if you chase it, heart open.

The song of one who’s been set free.

It calls to the one who passes by and rewards their courage.

It whispers like the breeze. It shines if your heart is ready for it.

It beckons, the Path.