June 2018

It had been been a long night. After waking up, we immediately had a tense moment. He’s trying to shower and get ready for work, the toddler is whining about juice even though he already had some, and I’m nursing and haven’t eaten or gone to the bathroom and I’m starving and have been breastfeeding all night. Then he mentions something about how we’re both tired. So I instantly complain in a whiny, jealous voice:

Wife: I could only wish for the sleep you had.

Husband: Are you trying to minimize my pain?

Wife: No, I’m trying to maximize mine!

Thanks for tuning in folks. At least in this episode, a few months ago, we sort of tried to laugh. But it’s undeniably true. We want someone to see how we’re always doing so much, working so hard, putting others first. Sacrificing. So. Much.

We want to be acknowledged. And sometimes, we women, we are very good at WOE is ME. Because we so value relationships, we blame them too. And sometimes, celebratory holidays are just reminders of failures. But keep calm and keep your cape on, superwoman. You have a cape all your own, without dragging down superman by his.

Because honestly, sometimes the snows of life are a blizzard, leaving families hoping for survival in the hypothermia of frozen relationships. My prayer today is for you. That you would stick together to stay warm, share the space heater and let someone buy you a hot water bottle. That your relationship would no longer be icicles dangling like crystal knives over your head. That you could prepare for the winters of life better next year, maybe buying some hand warmers from home depot and calling your dad on father’s day to tell him that you love him.

Or maybe life is a bleak, barren landscape of loneliness. Where the snow can’t even survive the stinging lash of prairie winter wind. My prayer for you is for movement. Get out of the bitter gusts and move somewhere, anywhere. Just don’t stay still. Don’t give up in your frozen desert.

But sometimes, when life is like an avalanche, we just have to let someone dig us out. When the powder settles, we have someone who can find us under the packed snow. We have a Father God who loves us. Saves us. Rescues us. Hallelujah! Every day is the Father’s day, because this is the day that the Lord has made! He is undaunted by the relational failures, unafraid of our family crisis, and fully able to heal our broken hearts. That’s a prayer for everybody. Thank you, Father.

And, occasionally, briefly and sweetly, here on God’s earth, life is pretty good. We are thankful for the crisp clean air and dance in the sparkling snowflakes. We should cherish these moments.

So this is my acknowledgement of my husband, father to our boys, who deserves a thank you every day for his role.

He keeps us from being swept away in the avalanche of life with his godliness, humour, kindness, and good looks.

He keeps us grounded with constant love. He loves me as a wife and shows his sons that daddy always gives mama the first kiss Hello when he comes home from work. He teaches them patiently and firmly, he eats gummy vitamins with them everyday, and shares his very special tic tacs from his office. He works to provide for us, and relishes every shared hot dog when he takes them shopping to Costco. Seeing his gentle spirit echoed in our boys is the sweetest thing.

The truth is, we’re actually in a very happy time, full of blessing and peace in our home. And we treasure it. But someday, life may bring us challenges that will weigh us down, and try to entomb us in busyness or exhaustion or grief or ambition, or, heaven forbid, feminism. I am so thankful I married a superhero.

Happy Father’s Day, Superman.