March 2018

I love tea. I should have said that in my biography, but it was so obvious that I forgot. There is nothing like it. To me it is everything warm, comforting and routine. Never underestimate small things. That’s what I learnt today.

The freezer door wouldn’t close and I’d been up since 5am. On a normal day this complication would bring me near tears because I handle lack of sleep as well as my baby. But today, today was Valentine’s day. And I had forgotten.

Over the last week my toddler has shown an avid interest in wedding rings, so my husband has been explaining things. It’s like he’s noticed that mommy and daddy kiss and hug and is curious why we do it without him. The conversation went like this.

Husband: Daddy has a special ring because I married mommy.

Toddler: Ring keep daddy warm.

And later…

Husband: Why does daddy have a wedding ring?

Toddler: Keep mama safe.

So this morning my husband had a few small gifts for me on the occasion I’d forgotten, including a new teacup with a cute heart design, a stain removing pen, and spring rolls (hence the freezer issue) . It isn’t overwhelming, it’s just a little cheeky and really sweet.

What a wonderful example my husband is to his little boy. And what a wonderful thought; that similarly God cares for us even in the small things! The Bible says to cast “all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you.” (1 Peter 5:7)

So the next time you feel overwhelmed with the big problems and challenges of life, when the season is never ending and draining, remember that small gifts can make all the difference on a quiet winter day. Because today my husband didn’t defeat a dragon, he simply saved the princess with a teacup.