Clouds are murky things.

When they touch the ground, the ominous become animosity and suddenly you are surrounded by fog.

Fog is a scary thing.

It makes you question everything you ever thought was real.

Your eyes deceive you. Your hands are hidden in front of you. The busy sidewalk becomes a warzone. You bump into a fire hydrant and injure your leg, hardly missing walking onto the road and getting hit by a double decker bus. Or maybe you get hit.

Either way, you’re lost.

Voices call your name, you might even hear music, but perhaps that’s your ears trying to trick you. With the sound so muffled, you quickly give up calling for help.

Light seeps in, dimmed by the crystalised water floating around you, choking out reality. An army of uncountable droplets become a terrifying blindness. Being surrounded by Fog is darkness in the light of day and it descends to devour your sanity.

That’s when the panic sets in.

An earthquake of uncontrollable fear flattens you to the ground, which you can see now because you’re there weathering the aftershocks, flat on your face and cursing the lava and the aftermath of the eruptions that have brought you low.

There is no peace in the Fog.

It’s the temperature that’s wrong. You’re stuck in the chasm between the ground and the air and something needs to change before you’re lost forever.

But there is a way out of the Fog.

Miracles happen.

Perhaps you find a rope left by someone who found themselves in the Fog before you, and you hold onto it and follow it to high ground where you look down at what remains and bless the distance.

That guidance is a miracle.

Perhaps someone takes your hand and leads you through the Fog, and once you emerge you look back, touch it with your fingertips and continue your journey beyond.

That person is a miracle.

Perhaps you stand and wait. Morning dawns when you least expect it and the Fog simply lifts and you turn around with your arms spread in wonder.

That is a miracle too.

There is a Way out of the Fog. I found it. I truly believe, ‘it was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him.’ I hear, ‘Glory to God in the highest,’ and know in my deepest heart ‘the whole earth is full of His glory.’*

I pray that you find the Miracle as we celebrate his birth on Christmas.

*Jn 9:3, Lk 2:14, Is. 6:3