February 2018

The moment I really knew I had arrived was around 6pm in the bath with my two boys. My hair hadn’t touched water for washing for so many days and I was desperate to feel less grimy. As I swished my hair in the water, with a toddler clambering around splashing my eyes, I vowed that if anyone asked how my hair was so beautiful or full or curly or whatever, I would tell them the truth. My secret solution. My cleansing method. My trusty hair rinse. Banana chunks and Baby Pee.

Welcome to motherhood.

This is not new is it? Hasn’t every woman gone to great lengths and depths to be beautiful? To cleanse herself in filthy water just to feel less dirty. To keep herself together and also manage to pour into all the people around her? Of course, you say. That’s me everyday. And it’s my favourite aunt, my sister, my teacher, my boss, my mother. We just do what we need to, all the while wishing for something truly refreshing, truly satisfying, truly pure.

And seeing as I am the target market for anything that is glittery, or environmentally conscious, or healthy, or beautiful, or for wives, or for mothers, or for working women, or for anything girly, I feel it is perfectly fair to call myself an authority on having things catch my attention that aim to help women in their lifelong pursuit of perfect - for themselves and their world. Therefore, my husband is never surprised when something catches my attention.

I recently bought some fancy water to take off my makeup, and our conversation went something like this:

Wife: I have such a good reason for needing this!

Husband: (grins expectantly) (while rolling his eyes) (how is that physically possible?)

Wife: Whenever I bathe the boys every night I never get a chance to wash my own face, and if I do my mascara just leaves smudges because baby soap is only so effective for removing industrial strength luxury mascara.

Husband: You know this formula is like a five thousand year old fad right?

Maybe the generations before us have something to pass on. And it is certainly more than skincare.

Have you ever wondered about the Lord’s Prayer? Jesus said this is how we should pray (Matthew 6:9), but whenever we say “Give us this day our daily bread” do we get distracted by semantics? And speaking of bread, bread and wine for communion are actually sort of gross as far as symbolism goes. Every time I chew a cracker I cringe, imagining the body of Jesus crushed and snapped for the sins of all. Every time I drink grape juice I stop myself from thinking too hard about why people are so into vampire books, myself included. Now there’s an embarrassing topic for another time.

So anyhow… I am a Food Source.

It occured to me when my baby son saw me and everything about him screamed “there’s my food, now that I see it I’m starving and can’t survive without it!” In that moment it feels like nothing could keep me away from him. Like a curtain lifting came the realization that God feels the same way for us. For all of us. Now semantics are inspiring.

Because I see my child and my instincts are aching to satisfy him. Craving to fulfill his needs. To literally fill him with his “daily bread”. It is simple. It is completely natural. It is free.

It sounds like the best marketing campaign for literally anything anyone has ever wanted.

Our Father Who Art in Heaven…