December 2018

Last year my husband and I took the kids to the mall to walk around and use up the scary hour before dinner. It was Christmas time and we wandered, the toddler eating a fig bar and the baby chomping toothlessly away on a brightly coloured sea creature attached to his carseat.

And I had an epiphany.

Wife: oh wow! You walking through the food court is just like me in Sephora! Ha!

Husband: (rolls his eyes) (asks if I want to share chicken nuggets)

All this is because I wisely (husband: absurdly) used Christmas gift money to buy myself new sets of fancy makeup. They were such a great deal and I got a discount.

But, my husband has this thing with glitter. Not sparkles. Glitter. Maybe it’s leftover fear from his days doing kid’s church and the ensuing crafts that involved the unavoidable glitter.

Husband: ah! That vile stuff gets everywhere and nothing gets rid of it! I hate it!

Wife: But it’s PRETTY.

Christmas arrived early for the wife, because I took advantage of a sale and rushed to the mall on a Saturday afternoon. I left my husband with a toddler and a four month old baby, and both slept the whole time I was gone. THE WHOLE TIME. This was ridiculous. He crowed about all the brownie points he deserved. I protested because both boys slept THE WHOLE TIME. But he said he had been fully willing. I told him he couldn’t spoil my euphoria, and he called it Sephoria. If only he’d been dealing with babies for all that time we could have avoided cheesy jokes. So the final score was full points for the daddy and no guilt or teasing for mommy. Meh.

Anyhow, my new makeup set had some shimmery products that I was very excited to try. He let me try one early, the rest waiting under the tree. I applied it in the car, which is a really the only place I do my makeup anymore.

Husband: What is that facesmusher thing?

Wife: It’s my new makeup!

Husband: You’re just smushing it on your face.

Wife: But it’s PRETTY.

Raise your hand if you don’t like glitter. Great. Okay. I’ll pray for you.

Because we all need to glitter. We need to let the light of the Christ shine through us (Matthew 5:14-16) and stick to people around us, so that one day they’ll look real close at their face or their floor and wonder how on earth did glitter get in here! And they’ll remember your graciousness and love and it won’t vacuum up from their floor because Jesus wants their attention and wants everyone to find Him. A light guides us at Christmas to the stable where there certainly was no glitter… Yet because of His glory come down to us it just SHONE.


PS: I still have those pretty little tubes of facesmushers in my makeup bag. Not only are they pretty, but they’ve lasted a long time. Long ever may the glory of God shine on us.