March 2018

The world is a difficult place. At least that’s what I tell my two year old.

Innumerable times a day his will is thwarted. Epic whining ensues. Shakespearean tragedy for him, comedy gold for me. Put the rejected spaceship water bottle in the sink, give back said bottle, have it thrown at the baby, have a time out, say sorry to baby brother, whine about being thirsty, want baby special cup. And off he walks with the baby cup, baby crawling along behind looking mildly confused and possibly amused (although that’s a pretty common expression for him). Parenting truth number one: if you try to laugh instead of cry, it may help you not cry. Or you may laugh so hard you cry anyways.

In the interest of being very, very honest… I have to confess… I have chocolate chips in my organic quinoa every morning. I also keep a special stash of double chocolate cookies in the freezer, and the kids don’t get them. I only eat them during naptime. They’re all mine. Sadly, I must also admit that once I actually fought with my toddler over a cookie. Oh, I repented, but my mother still delights in telling the story.

This is funny, right?

But here’s another truth. Being an adult is a hard. On any day I dare you to read the opinion page in any Canadian national newspaper and tell me if you find any conversation about adults. Because mostly I see grown up people acting like badly behaved children. I’m serious. Selfish. Playing dirty. Assaulting one another. Talking over each other. Shouting. Stealing. Intimidating and bullying. Windows, countries, people, all being broken. Kindness and integrity are weakness. False judgement and lies abound. Our world is full of sin.

Toddler: I want your toy.

World: Send the drones, spy on our enemies, take over the city and disregard civilians.

Toddler: I’m hungry!

World: Let us produce too much food in one area, use excess resources and items with no thought for waste. Let us forget that anyone else needs anything to survive. The self first at all costs.

Toddler: I don’t want to be nice to someone different from me.

World: Tolerance is only for the approved of minority, other sectors of society are harassed or silenced. Make sure the search for equality strives to diminish the value of difference.

Toddler: I want to do what I want.

World: I want to do what I want.

When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up childish ways. 1 Corinthians 13:11

Someday we’ll make it there.

So on the weekends my husband and I still desperately try to arrange baby and toddler naptimes to coincide so that we can play video games and read romantic novels, respectively. We’ll hurry through emptying the dishwasher, laundry and shopping, banking, tithing, and fixing up the house, because we just want to get a break from all this responsibility stuff! Because really who ever has said, ever, that they wish they could just be an adult all over again. Nope. Being an adult is about growing up, and growing up is hard to do. Just ask any toddler.