Thanks for knocking loudly. I’m Brittany. I adore telling dreamlike stories of transformed hearts and eternal starlight. If my attempts at poetic prose rekindle your hope for cosmic romance, renewed gardens, and timeless endings, then perhaps I’ll have lived up to my middle name, Eden. I sing Handel’s Messiah. I swing dance with my husband in the kitchen to Michael Bublé, Newsies, or, Les Misérables, much to the chagrin—or delight—of our three small children. Honestly, it depends on the day. So please, have a chair. If we share enough tea, I might even tell you about my summer in the Circus.


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The Unfolding Story

We are characters in a great story. The unfolding story. Oh yes, it is finished. The ending is plotted, the stakes could not be higher, the victory swifter, the judgement fairer. But now, we must act our parts. We must speak our lines and turn our pages. We must overcome the odds and have faith in the author. The Great Author. Faith that every pain will have payoff, every trial turn to triumph.


Here follows an excerpt from a fictional piece of writing of mine, an effort trying to express what my heart transformation would look like if it had happened in a single moment, and not over time. Pretend you’re listening with this girl to another sermon, but this one falls on her heart quite differently. “It’s only a verse or two in the book of Matthew, but Jesus mentions this pearl of great value that was bought at a great price.

The Nativity

{reflections on the Christmas story, to the tune of The Holly and The Ivy} The holly and the ivy When they are both full grown Of all trees that are in the wood The holly bears the crown {The Crown} Was it easy, hiding away in a manger? Were there really sound sleeps amid the pang and blood of birth? How does the crown, the Creator of the universe, wrestle himself into a tiny, breakable, fragile, flawed, aching body?

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